Multiplier Alumni Projects

Some of our projects begin with the goal of eventually becoming an independent nonprofit organization, or to carry out a distinct objective and complete their mission. The projects below all started out as projects of Multiplier and met their initial goals with our support and yours.

LMMA Network
A Greener World
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Promotes verified farming practices and encourages food choices that deliver positive impacts for the environment, society, and animals—whether farmed or wild.

California Rangeland Conservation Coalition
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Brings together ranchers, conservationists, and government entities to conserve and enhance the ecological values and economic viability of California’s working rangelands.

Chemical Strategies Partnership
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The Chemical Strategies Partnership seeks to reduce chemical use, waste, risks, and cost through the transformation of the chemical supply chain by redefining the way chemicals are used and sold.

Climate Cartoons (Project 3650)
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Project 3650 uses the power of animation to educate people about the climate crisis, and mobilize them to act.

Finance for Food

Catalyzes an increase in the pace and scale of the transition to a sustainable food system through education and training for sustainable food system entrepreneurs.

Food from the Parks/Institute at the Golden Gate

Food from the Parks/Institute at the Golden Gate partners with food service providers in national, state, and local parks to integrate food grown in and around the parks into their menu offerings.

Friends of the Mesa Refuge
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Supports the Mesa Refuge, a writers' retreat center that provides a collaborative space for people writing about the environment, economics and social equity.

Funders for Sustainable Food Systems

FSFS is a group of public and private grant makers whose mission was to do the groundwork to create a larger organization (Roots of Change) that promotes sustainable food systems in California.

Gulf Wild Institute

Conserves marine resources through sustainable fishing practices, community education, and research that informs public policy and seafood sustainability.

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myAgro is a new micro-savings organization that helps farmers save flexibly to purchase the tools they need to invest in their fields, increase their harvests and get out of poverty.

Ocean Outcomes
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Improves high risk fisheries by co-designing, implementing, and monitoring effective on-the-water fishery practice improvements and supply change policy improvements.


Partners with fishermen to create alternative livelihoods that fulfill their immediate economic needs while protecting marine resources for future generations.

Permacouture Institute
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Permacouture Institute is an educational non-profit that promotes regenerative design in fashion and textiles. Working through grassroots projects, events, workshops, and consulting, Permacouture Institute furthers eco-literacy and social practice encouraging slow fashion and textiles from the ground up.

Primate Education Network
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Primate Education Network is a global network dedicated to connecting and empowering primate educators.

Rainer Arnhold Fellows Program
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The Rainer Arnhold Fellows Program trains leaders to apply what they've learned in academic and field settings to create sustainable local action and lasting solutions, take it to scale, and do so with limited resources.

Roots of Change
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Roots of Change (ROC) works to develop and support a collaborative network of leaders and institutions in California with interest in establishing a sustainable food system in our state by the year 2030.

Sierra National Monument Project
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Works for the preservation of 500,000 acres of land to the south and west of Yosemite National Park to protect migratory corridors from human activity and revitalize them as a natural habitat for wild species

Sustainable Fisheries Partnership
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Sustainable Fisheries Partnership's mission is to maintain healthy ocean and aquatic ecosystems, enhance fishing and fish-farming livelihoods and secure food supplies.

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Vipani is an entrepreneurial business model conceived with the vision of bringing prosperity to rural communities throughout the developing world by giving farmers the opportunity to create more viable businesses and become self-reliant.

Wholly H2O
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Wholly H2O promotes the conservation of potable water and the reuse of rain, grey, storm, and black water in California by providing information-sharing opportunities and creating partnerships with governmental agencies, nonprofits, businesses, and individuals.

World Ocean Council
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The World Ocean Council (WOC) brings together the diverse ocean business community to collaborate on stewardship of the seas.

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