Multiplier Support and Services

Multiplier helps you achieve greater impact in less time through a holistic approach that provides momentum right from the start.  Our streamlined approach allows you to access best-in-class support, and have the bandwidth you need to focus on developing and growing your programs.

Strategic planning and capacity building

Whether you’re seeking best practices, designing programs, or creating an advisory board, we can help. Areas of expertise include:

Fundraising and donor relations

Raising funds requires a strategic, donor-centric approach. Our customized guidance and tools help you skillfully and effectively raise the funding you need. Areas of expertise include:

Financial and accounting services

Multiplier’s skilled team of nonprofit financial professionals manages all aspects of each project’s revenue and expense. Our support includes:

Grants and contracts management

Multiplier provides full service foundation and government grants management. Our support includes:

HR and payroll management

Our complete suite of personnel and benefits administration services helps you scale your team sensibly. We provide:

Team development support

A strong team fuels better programming which in turn drives higher impact, opening doors to expanded funding for both team and program expansion – it’s a win/win/win cycle.  Areas of expertise include:

Communications and outreach

In addition to amplifying your media outreach through our own channels, we provide expert advisory services to grow your supporter base, including:

How we work

Our core team has decades of experience developing nonprofits and supporting changemakers and working alongside you, we add depth and breadth your team. Every project operating under our umbrella – no matter the size – receives personal and responsive service tailored to meet its unique needs. We know when a boost from our team can make a big difference, and we also know when to step back and cheer you on.

Cost of support

Multiplier’s competitive project administration fee structure of 9% of project revenue includes the services above and more.*

Find out how to become a Multiplier project.

* Fees are 14% for government awards/sub-awards and for administration of restricted funds requiring reporting in international currencies. Fee structure may be negotiable for well-established international NGOs seeking a US-based fundraising home.

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